peekin duck          2012-12-13_05-13-48_116

This mischievous little man is Duck (Duck Mordechai, usually called Ducky). He is now about 1.5yrs and has been experiencing the ongoing stress of losing his position as top house animal; Biscuits was 9 weeks old at adoption and was immediately the clear alpha. Poor Ducky.

Here are some facts about Duck:

  • He is insanely long for a cat. When he stretched against a wall, he reaches to about my hips (I’m not short)
  • He likes to help with computer work. Anytime I’m on the computer (as long as Biscuits is nowhere to be seen) he sits on my lap, waits for me to prop his chest up, and then presses keys. He’s very studious.
  • He is confused about dominance and how to assert it. He tries to dominate Biscuits (see the blog on Biscuits, Jr. re: discipline) but is confused by the lack of any response whatsoever. Sometimes he considers humping him, but he keeps about a foot of distance between his rear end and Biscuits’ while doing so, which hasn’t been very effective to date.
  • He performs a water dance whenever drinking. Be it bowl, my cup, the faucet, water on the ground, etc, he will swish his front legs back in forth with happiness while drinking. I’ve seen better dancing, but his enthusiasm warms me.

Biscuits, Jr.

tiny heart

This suspiciously adorable creature is Biscuits (Biscuits Henry, also known as Biscuits, Jr.). This was taken a week after he came home with me. He’s roughly 10 weeks old here.

A few facts about Biscuits:

  • He pants. Like a dog. It’s loud and surprising; the first time I heard it I thought he was dying of insta-Feline leukemia
  • He does not care about discipline. At all. Or, rather, he doesn’t notice it. Nothing discourages him from his goal and for the most part I respect that. I guess, to be fair, I haven’t tried every method of negative reinforcement, like waterboarding or ECT…
  • He has a heart-shaped spot on his right side (see picture above). It adds to the air of adorableness, which is a fact he exploits to get treats and not waterboarded
  • He can get onto high places by taking a running leap and hurtling himself sideways off lower objects (think Spiderman meets Jon Jones)
  • His paws are always really, really hot for no apparent reason