Prepare Yourselves!

rex on trike3

“Prepare ourselves for what, Kate?” you might be asking. “Is it the Rapture 2.0? Is there a clown convention happening in my neighborhood? Is the new season of Archer starting? Does it have something to do with a T-Rex riding a tricycle?”

These are excellent questions, the answers to which are “doubtful”, “hopefully not”, “January 13th”, and “not exactly”, respectively. But back to the point, I am announcing the soon-to-be-debuted guest commentator/writer/wise-ass that will be gracing my page. Please help me to welcome my brother Max to this site!

“What does that have to do with the picture of a trike-riding dinosaur?” you might ask.

My god, everyone, I’m getting to that if you’d give me a minute. There are numerous reasons why I love dinosaurs, but one of the biggest reasons has to do with my brother. When he was about two years old, he was crazy about T-Rex. He had a scary, realistic, semi-mutilated plastic Rex that he carried everyone and liked to sleep with (not that I’m judging; I slept with a rock-hard plastic alligator for years). One day he announced to our family that he would like to be referred to solely as “Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur” from then on.

Obviously that’s a cumbersome name, so we haggled it down to “T-Rex Dinosaur”, which devolved into “T-Rex” and then eventually into “T” over the course of the years. To this day my parents still call him T, which confuses the hell out of everyone else since his name is, well, Max. But I thought it was pretty much the cutest thing ever and contributed to my life-long love of all things dinosaur.

ANYway, long story short, T will be doing occasional guest writings on my site. You’ll find his stuff under the category  The Adventures of Maximus Jackson. Go to it! Read it! Love it (or pretend to love it. Whatever)!

Umm… that’s it. Thanks! And happy Thanksgiving!


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