Does Anyone Like Clowns?

evil clown2

I’ve put this blog under “Stuff I Like” but really it’s because I didn’t bother to create a category of “Stuff I Dislike”… although that’s giving me an idea. Anyway, this would be read more appropriately as “Things I Like?” Because seriously, does anyone like clowns? Do clowns even like clowns? Or is it a self-hating form of tortured artistic expression? If that’s the case, I want to recommend therapy and a new hobby. I hear crocheting is the bomb.

Recently I read this weird story about a clown hanging out in Northampton, England just, well, ’cause. It’s caused a bit of terror and the inclination for tar-and-feather style violence from the locals. I want to say, “Calm down, everyone, there’s no evidence that it’s John Wayne Gacy reincarnated,” but really, if that needs to be said, the dude in the clownsuit needs to rethink his entire life plan. Commence tarring and feathering, I guess.

There have even been studies done about the hatred and/or fear of clowns. Hell, even Smithsonian Magazine thinks clowns are horrible. And they’re a legit magazine! Apparently this fear is called Coulrophobia, although for some reason I had been under the impression that it was labeled Harlequinphobia. Which makes more sense, I think, but that’s not what the English language is about.

If you thought I was going somewhere with this, I’m not. I just wanted to comment on the fact that clowns still exist under the guise of giving some sort of humorous entertainment to easily frightened miniature humans despite the fact that no one likes them. I think I’m just trying to find some reason in all this chaos. Le sigh.


2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Like Clowns?

  1. love this, and great links… most. mama

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