Nicolas Cage, you magnificent weirdo


My best friend and I are obsessed with Nicolas Cage.

Why, you ask? It’s a valid question. Allow me to explain this before you decide that my blog is no longer worth your time.

Nicolas Cage is a huge weirdo for a bunch of reasons (that link being just one example. Because who doesn’t think a pet octopus makes you a better actor? Although… it can’t really hurt, in his case. Touche, Mr. Cage, touche). What first inspired our love of Mr. Cage was a little movie called Vampire’s Kiss in which his, umm, dramatic method acting skills were displayed to their maximum potential. You think his Wicker Man performance was manic? Psssh, that’s child’s play next to Vampire’s Kiss.

That was how we discovered the genius that is Nicolas Cage (real name: Nicholas Kim Coppola. As in the Coppolas. (Just speculation, but I suspect his family is feeling grateful that his professional career isn’t linked to theirs)). Still skeptical? I would suggest you peruse some of his other brilliant works, including Bringing Out The Dead, Snake Eyes, and Con Air.

If you’re still wondering what’s so special about The Cage, allow me to offer up some evidential tidbits. How many men are brave enough to name their kid Kal-El when we know the psychological impact of bullying on children in this day and age? How many men will marry (and rapidly divorce) the same woman as Michael Jackson? How many men become the focus of stalking by a mime (yeah, seriously)? How many men would get a back tattoo of a lizard with a top hat to “claim [their] own body”? That’s the kind of genius you don’t see every day.

You keep doing you, Nic. You keep doing you.